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Holiday Gifts for Cats
December 15, 2020

Are you doing your holiday shopping online this year? If so, your feline friend will likely be close by as you make your orders. Don’t forget to put a few kitty presents in your cart! Here, a Wake Forest, NC vet offers a few things that may get your furry buddy purring.


Fluffy is very playful, which is one of her most adorable traits. Give your fuzzy friend some new toys to pounce on!


Our feline buddies are very, very tired. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Therefore, it’s no surprise that a new bed is such a great git. It doesn’t matter if your kitty already has a bed. Or two. Or five. Cats never get tired of seeking out comfy new napping spots.

Cat Furniture

Kitties are quite versatile, and they somehow manage to get by with borrowing our beds, sofas, couches, and, well, pretty much everything else we own. However, Fluffy will both appreciate and benefit from having some things that were made with her in mind. Cat towers are great, but your pet may also enjoy things like scratching boards or pet tetns.

Window Seat

We always recommend keeping kitties safe and sound indoors. Fluffy is simply much safer as an indoor pet! However, your furry pal will enjoy looking outdoors and watching birds and squirrels.

Kitscription Box

Part of keeping your feline overlord happy is making sure she always has new things to play with and explore. One way to do that is to sign Fluffy up for her own subscription box. You may find that watching your furball open her ‘purrsonal’ mail is just as fun for you as it is for her!


Kitties are absolutely hilarious when they’re enjoying the effects of some catnip. Fluffy’s shenanigans may provide the perfect finishing touch to a holiday morning! This can make for some great seasonal photos.


Fluffy may not get quite as excited about treats as Fido does, but she does enjoy a special snack. Store-bought treats are fine, though you may need to experiment a bit to find out what your adorable pet likes best. You can also give your feline pal plain, canned tuna, chicken, crabmeat, turkey, or even salmon.

As your Wake Forest, NC veterinary clinic, we want to wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. Please contact us anytime! 

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