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Indoor Cat Care Tips
June 1, 2021

Does your cat stay indoors? If so, that’s great! Fluffy may enjoy exploring the Great Outdoors—and bringing you ‘souvenirs’ from her adventures, but she’s much better off staying in. Our feline pals are very small and fragile, and they are vulnerable to many different hazards, such as cars, weather, and wild animals. However, indoor kitties do have a few unique care needs. A local Raleigh, NC vet discusses some of these below.


Kitties that stay in don’t get quite as much of a workout as those that are allowed to roam. Chasing chipmunks and butterflies is actually a pretty good workout for Fluffy! Keep your furry pal active by offering her lots of toys and playing with her daily.

Bring The Outside In

Just adding a few kitty-friendly features can make your home much more fun and exciting for your pet. You probably don’t have a real tree in your home, so offer your pet the next best thing: a cat tower. Fluffy will also appreciate having some pet-safe plants to sniff at and nibble on. Another thing that is bound to please your furry overlord? A comfy window seat with a good view. Just make sure that your windows and screens are secure.

Veterinary Care

Don’t think that your furball is off the hook for veterinary appointments just because she stays in. She may not need to come in as much as an outdoor cat would, but she still will need proper care. Keep up with Fluffy’s exams, vaccines, and parasite control products. We also recommend spay/neuter surgery and microchipping.

Lonelines  s

Does your furball stay home alone while you go off to work? Turn a radio or TV on for Fluffy before you leave. The sound of music and voices may soothe your pet, and keep her from feeling lonely. You can even find TV shows made just for kitties, though our feline friends seem to have rather divided opinions on them. You may also want to consider adopting another cat. This of course depends on many factors, including the age, temperament, and histories of both kitties. Last but not least, be sure to pay lots of attention to your furry buddy. Cats do make purrfect indoor pets!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Raleigh, NC veterinary clinic, we are here to help!

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