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Pet Hydration Tips
July 1, 2021

Did you know that July is Pet Hydration Month? Dehydration is a huge concern at this time of year. Fido and Fluffy can’t tell you if they’re getting thirsty, so it’s up to you to make sure that your furry bff is staying properly hydrated. A local Wake Forest, NC vet offers some tips on how to do that below.

Multiple Water Stations

If you have a large house, a big dog, and/or more than one pet, you’ll probably benefit from having multiple water stations. If you have a yard, put water stations outdoors as well. Keep them clean, so dirt and germs don’t build up.


Many pets prefer to drink running water. Get your furry pal a water fountain! There are different types to choose from. Some just basically circulate water. Others splash water into the air when dogs step on a pad. (This is of course also highly entertaining to watch.)

Ice Cubes

While you shouldn’t give your canine pal too many ice cubes, he may enjoy munching on one or two on really hot days. You can make these more fun by putting things like kibble or small treats into ice cube trays. Pour water or broth over them, and freeze. Fluffy may or may not like these: give it a try!


Sodium-free beef, chicken, or fish broth is a great treat for dogs and cats. Because it contains electrolytes, it’s wonderful for helping them stay hydrated. 

Canned Food

Canned food and kibble both have specific pros and cons. Kibble is neater, cheaper, and lasts longer, but it also tends to have more fillers and carbs. Canned food is pricier and spoils more quickly, but has a higher moisture content and is often more nutritious. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Consider moisture content when picking your pet’s snacks. You can find ice cream for Fido and Fluffy in many supermarkets and pet stores. You can also make your pet some frozen treats. Try mixing canned food with ice in a blender.

Out And About

Always bring water along for Fido whenever you take him off your property. We recommend keeping water and a doggy water bottle and/or collapsible dishes in your car, so you always have some with you. 

As your Wake Forest, NC veterinary clinic, we’re here to help! Please feel free to call us anytime!

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