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Frozen Dog Treats
August 1, 2021

Summer is in full swing now, and we’re officially into the hottest part of the year. Many people like to cool off on those sweltering days by enjoying a cold snack. As it turns out, Fido also likes frozen treats! Here, a Wake Forest, NC vet lists a few you can easily make at home.


To make popsicles, you’ll need chew sticks or doggy biscuits. Put these in waxed paper cups, and then add water or sodium-free broth. Freeze overnight. Voila!

Ice Cream

To make Fido some ice cream, you’ll need to start with a base. You can mix and match any of the following items: ripe bananas, natural peanut butter, pureed squash or pumpkin, mincemeat, sodium-free broth, and plain Greek yogurt. You can also use organic gravy or baby food, but you’ll need to check the ingredients. For ‘toppings’ you can add kibble, bacon bits, or shredded meat. Your canine pal may also like some safe veggies, such as peas or carrots.

Slice Of Happiness

Get a roll of pre-cooked lamb, beef, sausage, or chicken, and slice it into thin pieces. Offer Fido one or two on cold days. Voila! 


Get Fido his own designated ice cube tray, and start experimenting with recipes. You can put kibble and shredded cheese into the tray, and then pour sodium-free beef broth over it. Another option is to use canned or shredded chicken with rice, peas, and carrots, and then add chicken broth. Or, if your pooch loves fish, offer him some canned, boneless salmon with spinach, rice, and fish broth. There’s almost no end to the possible combinations!

Kong Toys

One good thing about these popular toys is the fact that they’re freezer friendly. You can buy canned filling for them. Or, fill it with water, peanut butter, or even canned dog food. Pop in the freezer for Fido. Done!


You’ll find many other recipes for frozen dog treats online. You can also experiment on your own. Just take care to avoid unsafe foods, such as garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, avocado, nuts, mushrooms, fruits with seeds, meat on the bone, chocolate, and caffeine. Don’t give Fido too many frozen treats at once, though. Finally, don’t offer him anything that could be a choking risk. Ask your vet for more information.

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