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Signs That Your Cat is Happy
September 1, 2021
September is Happy Cat Month! Kitties are not only very cute and cuddly, they also have a special way of keeping us laughing. Fluffy can be a bit mysterious, though. How do you know if your furball is content? A Wake Forest, NC vet lists some adorable giveaways below.

Relaxed Furball

Kitties are quite small, and they can get nervous easily. If Fluffy is feeling anxious, she may retreat, or perhaps act a bit defensive. If she feels safe and comfortable, she’ll be much more likely to snooze out in the open or sprawl out in the middle of the floor.

Back Flops

We all know that dogs love belly rubs. Cats are a different story. Fluffy’s furry belly is her most vulnerable spot, and she won’t expose it unless she feels secure. So, if you find your feline friend sprawled out on her back, it’s a pretty good indication that she feels safe. (Note: touch the belly at your own peril.)


Cats can be very cuddly, and sometimes just can’t get enough attention. Fluffy may head butt you or jump into your lap when she wants cuddles. This just never stops being cute!


Kitties are hunters by nature, so they can’t resist pouncing and jumping on things. If Fluffy is mischievous, playful, and occasionally zoomy, it’s a sign that she’s in good spirits.


We know, this one is a bit confusing. Cats may be the only one of our animal friends that bite us just for fun. However, if your feline buddy is being playful, or enjoying getting petted, she may lightly nip you to show affection.


The purr is of course the quintessential sign of kitty contentment. It’s worth mentioning that cats don’t only purr when they’re happy: they also purr when they are sick or scared, likely as a way to soothe themselves. That said, if your furball often purrs while you pet or hold her, she’s probably pretty content.


Fluffy’s whiskers can also act as sort of a mood gauge. They may droop a bit when she is feeling relaxed.

Clean Bill Of Health

These signs are all good clues, but your vet can also weigh in. A clean bill of health is always a good sign! Please feel free to contact us, your Wake Forest, NC animal clinic, anytime. We’re always happy to help!
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