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Cute Ways To Pamper A Senior Cat
November 20, 2021
November is Adopt A Senior Cat Month! We love seeing older pets go to loving homes. Kitties in their senior years make very lovable pets. Sadly, they often have a hard time getting adopted. If you’re ready to bring an older pet into your home, read on! Here, a Raleigh, NC vet lists some things you can do to keep that motor going.

Soft Beds

It probably isn’t a huge surprise to find beds at the top of this list. Older cats can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping! Make sure your drowsy pet has lots of comfy napping spots to choose from.

Play Sessions

Fluffy won’t be as rambunctious as a kitten, but she’ll still have her frisky moments. Take a few minutes a day to play with her. The activity and stimulation are both great for her. (Plus, it’s just cute to watch.) You don’t have to be concerned with overdoing it: if your furry pal gets tired, she’ll just quit playing.


Kitties in their golden years can get quite stiff and sore. They also sometimes get a bit chubby. Fluffy may have trouble grooming her entire body. This is why some older cats look a bit unkempt. Regularly brushing your feline buddy will get the dust and dead fur out of her coat, which will help her look and feel better.

Window Seats

Fluffy should definitely be kept indoors. Going outside is much too dangerous for an older cat! However, your furball will still enjoy sitting in a sunny spot and watching birds and squirrels. Offer her a comfy window seat.


A window seat is great, but if you really want to spoil your feline friend, offer her a catio or enclosure. This is a way for Fluffy to get some fresh air, sunshine, and stimulation without being exposed to things like cars, wild animals, or other hazards.

Kitty TV

Did you know that you can find programs and even whole channels made just for Fluffy? Some furballs really enjoy watching birds and squirrels on TV! (Results may vary.)


Fluffy may experience a decline in vision as she ages, just as many people do. Get some nightlights to help your furry friend find her way around at night. For more tips on caring for an older cat, contact us, your Raleigh, NC pet hospital, today!

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