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8 Signs Of Dental Issues In Dogs
February 1, 2022
February is Pet Dental Health Month! Your canine companion’s oral health plays a huge role in his overall health and well-being. Just like people, dogs can be afflicted by painful dental issues, such as abscesses, infections, and tooth decay. Fido of course can’t brush his own teeth, and he can’t tell you if his choppers hurt, so it’s important for you to know what the warning signs are. A Raleigh, NC vet lists some of them in this article.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can be indicative of many health issues, aside simple doggy dental woes. It’s probably safe to say that your canine buddy’s breath will never smell minty-fresh. However, if you find yourself gagging every time Fido gives you an affectionate lick, your pooch may very well have dental trouble.


That icky yellow-brown buildup isn’t just unsightly: it’s intrinsically linked with gum disease, which affects a whopping three out of four dogs over the age of three. Gum disease is very concerning, as it has been connected to some serious health issues, such as heart disease.

Excessive Drool

Some pups are naturally a bit slobbery. However, if Fido is drooling excessively, or if his saliva seems thick or ropy, and/or has blood in it, it’s a good idea to have his teeth checked.

Lack Of Interest In Play

Fido uses his mouth to play his favorite games, which include Fetch, Catch, and Tug-O-War. Understandably, a toothache can take a pretty big bite out of your furry friend’s playful shenanigans. If your pup’s toys are collecting dust, it’s probably time for a checkup.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are another red flag … literally. You may notice smears on your canine friend’s toys and dishes, or even on his muzzle.

Changes In Eating Habits

Understandably, toothaches can really put a damper on Fido’s love of food. You may notice your furry bff dribbling out of the side of his mouth, taking longer eating, or even ignoring harder foods and treats.


Swelling around the face or mouth should be considered an emergency. Infections so close to the brain can be very dangerous!

Uncharacteristic Behavior

Toothaches aren’t much of a mood boost. Grumpiness, withdrawal, and depression can also be signs of doggy dental woes. Do you know or suspect that your pooch has dental issues? Contact us, your Raleigh, NC animal clinic, anytime!
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