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Caring For An Arthritic Cat
March 15, 2022
Did you know that arthritis affects 90 percent of cats over the age of ten? There is no cure for arthritis, but there are things you can do to keep your feline buddy comfy and purring. A local Raleigh, NC vet offers some advice on caring for an arthritic kitty in this article.


This one isn’t necessarily restricted to just arthritic cats. Pretty much all of our feline friends enjoy soft beds! That said, make sure your Fluffy has plenty of comfy napping spots to choose from. Kitties often like to curl up in warm spots, so you may want to get your pet a thermal bed, or put some of her beds in sunbeams.


Fluffy may have trouble grooming herself as she gets stiff and sore, as it may be hard for her to reach her whole body. Help her out by gently brushing her.

Veterinary Care

Your kitty may need to come in a little more than usual. It’s important to keep a close eye on Fluffy’s condition, and monitor its progression. Ask your vet to recommend an appropriate appointment schedule.


We recommend getting a litterbox that is low to the ground. This will be easier for your furry friend to get in and out of. If you have more than one floor, keep extras on every level, so Fluffy doesn’t need to use the stairs as much.

Pet Ramps

Your furball may have a hard time jumping and climbing up to her favorite napping spots. Help her out by setting out pet ramps or stairs.

Weight Control

Keeping Fluffy at a healthy weight will go a long way here. Extra pounds put a lot of stress on Fluffy’s bones and joints. This can become a downward spiral, as it will make it harder for your kitty to stay active.

Keep Kitty In

We recommend this for all of our feline pals, but it’s really extra important for arthritic kitties. Fluffy won’t be very fast or agile, so she will be extra vulnerable to the threats posed by cars, weather, and other hazards.


Just making sure your furry buddy feels loved and safe will help. Keep that motor going! Be very gentle when picking her up or putting her down. As your Raleigh, NC we are dedicated to helping you keep your cat happy and healthy. Contact us today!
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