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How To Make Your Home More Cat Friendly
May 16, 2022
Kitties are pretty low-maintenance pets: Fluffy spends the vast majority of her time sleeping, grooms herself, and doesn’t need to be walked or trained. However, our feline pals are quite emotional, and do need love, entertainment, and stimulation to be truly content. Want to really bring on the purr? Here, a Raleigh, NC vet offers some tips on making your home into a kitty haven.


This probably isn’t much of a shock: Fluffy is certainly sleepy! Offer lots of beds and comfy napping spots. Kitties also appreciate things like cat towers and scratching posts.

Remove Toxic Plants

Kitties often love to nibble on green leaves. Unfortunately, this can be quite dangerous, as not everything is safe for our feline buddies. Set out lots of plants for Fluffy to investigate. Just take care to only place pet-safe ones within paws’ reach. Check the ASPCA site here for suggestions.

Window Seats

One of the best things you can do for Fluffy is to keep her safe and sound inside. The Great Outdoors can be very dangerous for a little furball! Your kitty will enjoy having a spot where she can relax, sunbathe, watch birds and squirrels, and hiss at the cat across the street.

Kitty Steps

If you think about it, Fluffy has to jump several times her own height to hop onto a bed or sofa. Arrange things so that your furry pal has ‘steps’ she can climb.


Fortunately for us, it’s fairly easy to please our feline overlords. Just offering Fluffy some empty boxes and paper bags (with the handles cut) will get that little motor going. This is particularly important for shy cats, as they love hiding spots.

Extra Facilities

Do you have more than one kitty? Does your home have more than one level? If so, you may want to set out extra litterboxes and water bowls. This also applies to those who have more than one furball.


It’s important for you to play with your kitty every day. Use things like laser pointers, wand toys, and remote-controlled playthings. Fluffy will find playtime more fun and more challenging when you’re controlling her ‘adversary’. However, your furry little friend does need some things that she can play with by herself, like catnip mice. As your local Raleigh, NC animal hospital, we are here to help! Call us anytime!
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