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Senior Cat Care: Keeping Kitty Comfy
April 15, 2023

Has your feline pal started slowing down recently? Cats are extremely silly and mischievous as kittens, but they definitely lose steam over time. Fluffy will also go through some age-related changes as she grows older, just as people do. As your beloved pet enters her senior years, she’ll benefit from some extra care. You’ll also just want to make sure she feels happy, comfy, and safe. A local vet offers some info on how to do that below.


Given that Fluffy can spend as much as 20 hours a day sleeping, it’s probably no surprise that beds are her favorite luxury. These don’t have to be fancy. You can pick up a few store-bought ones, and then supplement those with things like ottomans and soft blankets folded up and put into baskets and boxes.


Kitties are very good about keeping themselves clean, but this gets harder for them over time. As Fluffy gets older, she may become stiff and sore, and may have trouble reaching her whole body. (This is why older cats sometimes look a bit disheveled.) Brushing your feline buddy regularly will keep her fur soft and smooth. 

Climate Control 

Fluffy’s fur coat protects her from hot and cold, but it by no means makes her invulnerable to weather extremes. Make sure she always has cool spots to go to in summer. In winter, she’ll appreciate warm spots to curl up in, such as thermal kitty beds or pet tents. 


Senior-friendly litterboxes can definitely make life easier for your furry friend. These have lower walls than regular ones, and are therefore easier to get in and out of. 


Making a few small tweaks to your environment can make a big difference. For example, Fluffy may have a hard time seeing at night. Keep nightlights on after dark. Pet ramps can help her climb up to her favorite window spot. Your feline companion may also appreciate having an extra water bowl, especially if you have a multi-story home. 

Lap Space

A big part of keeping your furball happy and purring is just making sure she feels loved and cared for. Fluffy may want to be held and cuddled more over time. Spend quality time with your lovable little pet every day. Senior kitty purrs are truly precious!

Do you have questions about senior cat care? Please contact us anytime. 

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