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Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CIV)

If you plan to travel or transport your pet within the U.S or internationally, you may be required to have a pet health certificate. 

For pets who don’t require APHIS endorsement (typically for domestic travel), any licensed veterinarian can issue a health certificate. For those who do (typically pets traveling internationally), the veterinarian must be USDA Accredited. At Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are USDA Accredited and can help you get the proper certificates in order to make your next trip as stress-free as possible. 

Learn more about health certificates by reviewing the frequently

asked questions below.

What is a health certificate?

A health certificate is also known as a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). It’s an official document issued by a licensed or accredited veterinarian certifying that your pet has been inspected and was found to satisfy the regulations required for travel within the state, between states, or internationally.

When do I need a health certificate?

Domestic and international transportation of your pet typically requires you to have a health certificate. You may also need one to participate in certain events, such as specific shows, rides or sales. 

Why do I need a health certificate for pet travel?

These pre-entry requirements verify that your pet does not carry disease or parasites that could harm the people or animals in the area or at the event. For extra precaution, your pet may need to complete certain tests, treatments, vaccinations or other procedures before qualifying for a CVI. Requirements for the health certificate are mandated by the airline company, state or country of destination.

Need A Health Certificate For Your Dog, Cat or Other Pet?

Our veterinarians at Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital can issue your pet a health certificate. Before you schedule an appointment for a health certificate, please review the import-export requirements. For pets who are flying, please contact the airline for specific requirements regarding caging and health certificate timing. We wish you and your pet safe and happy travels!

The content on this page was reviewed by Dr. Kelly Harper, Veterinarian and Founder of Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital. You can learn more about Dr. Harper’s experience and expertise on her bio page. If you have a question about this page, you can email her at [email protected]