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We your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!

Tina Staples

Tina Staples

Pet Grooming

Tina was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and has lived in the state all her life. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t adore the company of animals—they’ve been a consistent source of joy and amusement from day one. For Tina, helping pets to look and feel their best every single day is simply the ultimate reward! She’s Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital’s resident Pet Groomer.

Tina attended grooming school at the Atlantic Coast Academy of Animal Arts in Cary, North Carolina, graduating with her degree in late 1994. She’s been a certified All-Breed Professional Pet Groomer ever since! Tina has also completed an advanced Veterinary Dermatology Certification course and loves to help pets who need special attention in the skin department. She makes it her mission to stay up-to-date with the latest grooming trends, products, and equipment to help each and every one of her furry clients look their absolute best, and it’s her personal goal to help all animal visitors to the clinic feel comfortable, welcomed, and calm. 

When she’s not at work, Tina enjoys cheering on her favorite sports teams—she’s a die-hard fan of the Carolina Hurricanes, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, and the Washington Redskins—and spending quality time with her friends, family, and pets. Along with her husband and three sons, Tina shares her life with a Labrador/Border Collie mix and a Carolina dog mix. 

Andrea Glenn


Veterinary Technician

Andrea was involved with pet-sitting and doggy day camps at a young age, and always knew that she would love working hands-on with animals when she got a little older. She simply can’t imagine doing anything else! Andrea is a proud member of the Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital team and looks forward to helping more of the area’s pets stay happy and healthy.

Andrea has worked in veterinary medicine since 2015 and serves as a Veterinary Nurse here at the clinic. She enjoys meeting new pets and their loving owners every day, and she loves that no two shifts here at the hospital are ever quite the same—Andrea’s job always keeps her on her toes, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Away from the office, Andrea likes spending time with friends and family and giving her time to others. She even coaches a special-needs cheerleading squad! Andrea also loves to dote on her own animal companions at home. She has two rescued dogs: Gracie, a Cocker Spaniel, and a Chihuahua named Teagan. 

Brittany Martinez


Veterinary Technician

Like many veterinary professionals, Brittany always had a soft spot for pets of all shapes and sizes. When it came time to choose a career path, one option stood out above all the rest: veterinary medicine. For Brittany, nothing beats getting to use her drive and dedication to help the earth’s creatures—and the people who care for them—feel their absolute best. She’s a Veterinary Technician with the Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital family!

Brittany joined the world of veterinary medicine in the summer of 2016 and became a member of the Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital team that September. She never tires of getting to work alongside a passionate team of animal-lovers just like herself, and she loves to see new puppies and kittens on their first visits to the hospital. An added bonus for Brittany is that she gets to bring her own dogs to the clinic’s Day Camp when she comes to work!

When she’s not helping pets and animal parents here at the hospital, Brittany enjoys exploring the great outdoors, relaxing at the beach or the lake, visiting new places, and spending quality time with her family. At home, Brittany shares her life with several pets: Lilly the loving Pit Bull, a Husky mix named Sebastian, an orange tabby cat who goes by Mowgli, and a tuxedo cat named Zoey. 



Office Administration

Brandi’s love for animals started as a young child and became an integral facet of her life. From as early as the tender age of three, she began bringing home stray cats and dogs. As she got older, she fell more in love with caring for all kinds of pets as well as the humans that keep them.

A strong believer in loving and rescuing animals, she put that love into action and began a career as a veterinary technician in 2002. As a mother herself, she instills that same love for animals in her family. She knows there’s more to caring for pets than just their immediate needs and she now brings her passion forward when she handles office administration duties for Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital. She is very likely the first face you may see when you bring your beloved pet in for care.

Brandi is always surrounded with animals and keeps several rescued fur babies at all times. Today, you can find her sharing her home with her five cats Delilah, Gemma, Romeo, and Judas, and also her dog Maui. She brings her experience and love with her each day as a valued member of the Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital team. She looks forward to getting to know our amazing clients and their precious pets.



Kennel Attendant

While Taylor has always loved animals, she didn’t set out to work with them for a living. In fact, she originally thought she wanted to get into forensics. But while she followed through and obtained her degree in forensic science, Taylor still felt a pull to change directions. She started working at a doggy day care and knew immediately that she had found her calling. As one of the kennel attendants here at Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital, Taylor loves coming to work every day and seeing her furry besties.

Taylor’s career journey began in 2021, when she got a job at a local boarding facility. It didn’t take long, however, for her to feel the urge to learn more, especially about the medical side of animal care. This led her to seek employment in the veterinary industry. Professionally, Taylor enjoys meeting clients and bonding with their four-legged family members. She strives to continue learning and expanding her knowledge as she grows in the animal health care field.

Outside of work, Taylor resides with her parents and their eight cats, one of which (Chloe) belongs solely to Taylor). Chloe is a beautiful, long-haired orange queen who is sassy and very attention driven. If you offer her a treat, she might become your best friend. In her spare time, Taylor enjoys cooking – especially her grandmother’s homemade biscuits and legendary chess pie. She frequently tries new recipes and loves sharing the results with her friends and family.



Office Manager

Macon was born for veterinary medicine. In fact, he was actually born right here at Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital. In exchange for room and board, Macon began taking on some of the office duties. He showed great potential and took such pride in his work that a promotion to Office Manager was the logical next step.

One of Macon’s favorite things to do is to sit on the keyboards and beg for treats. If the phone is ringing, he really likes to get in the way. He knows his colleagues really enjoy it when he does that and it gives him a great deal of satisfaction, knowing that he’s making the workplace so much more enjoyable for everyone. He also likes encouraging our canine patients to vocalize their affection for him. One of his favorite hobbies is randomly turning off computers when people are using them.

Macon’s family includes the staff at Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital, as well as his sister, Georgia. He has a pet dragon named Mushinda who loves it when he sleeps on top of her terrarium. He’s hoping they fix the broken screen on top soon. He has no idea how it got broken.