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Whippet Day

July 4th is mostly known in the States for being America’s birthday. Among our canine…
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7 Ways To Keep Your Pet From Getting Lost

It’s Lost Pet Prevention Month! This is an important topic, if a sad one. As…
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Social Petworking Month

Did you know that June is Social Petworking Month? One of the best things about…
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How To Make Your Home More Cat Friendly

Kitties are pretty low-maintenance pets: Fluffy spends the vast majority of her time sleeping, grooms…
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Cinco De Meow

There’s a pretty cute cat holiday coming up on May 5th. Cinco de Meow is…
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Meet Our Official State Dog: The Plott Hound

Did you know that we have an official state dog? That very good boy would…
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Spotlight On A Ukrainian Dog: The Chortai

April is Adopt A Greyhound Month! These sweet, intelligent dogs definitely deserve our attention. We’re…
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Caring For An Arthritic Cat

Did you know that arthritis affects 90 percent of cats over the age of ten?…
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4 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe

There are quite a few sayings about our feline friends. One you likely have heard…
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